I don’t know your political opinions, but mine are about what you’d expect from an overeducated New York woman. I can imagine you’ve seen a lot of animosity and divisiveness in this strangest of election seasons. Unfortunately, I know I have.

That’s why I was really proud and delighted to participate in the below video. There’s a fleeting moment of my face, a few seconds after you see Khizr Khan lifting the Constitution high. You can also pick out my voice here and there in the voiceover – and I’m especially delighted to hear it come through strong on the words, “Not a wall.”

The project came together on short notice through the efforts of an incredibly hardworking creative team. It was an amazing Saturday spent with new friends and old.  I think that sense of community shines through, and I think it’s something our country needs, more than ever.

#WeTrumpHate from Tucker Walsh on Vimeo.

Stay connected, stay respectful and stay informed. And then, vote.