Writer. Editor. Intuitive Leader.

Hi, I’m KJ.

I’m a writer splitting my time between Brooklyn, NY and Urbana, Illinois. My work has appeared in places such as HuffPost, Electric Literature, The Toast, and multiple academic publications. I’m also an experienced editor and writing coach—learn more at my Editing page.

Below you’ll find some highlighted publications and links to where you can find me on social media.

I’m currently querying for my nonfiction book Unpredictable, which weaves together science, witchcraft, and personal experience to illuminate ideas about imagining the future, learning from the past, and seeking answers to the unknown. You can reach me through the form at the bottom of this page.

This site is due for an update soon – life just gets busy, you know? When I’m not writing or busy with my day job, I love to read tarot, knit, crochet, make art, and spend time with loved ones.


The New Fahrenheit 451 Movie Fails to Reckon with Bradbury’s Racism,” Electric Literature
Telling a Story with Data,” The Hub in Focus
How to Predict the Future,” The Toast (Gal Science feature)
Motherless by Choice,” HuffPost Women
Why Did This Happen?,” HuffPost Women
Holiday Estrangements,” The Frisky.


Ask Fortunato!“, Dilettante Army
Finding the Real Estate of Your Dreams,” The Toast
follow me pls,” Breadcrumbs Mag
Cathedral,” Breadcrumbs Mag
(Included in vol. 4 of “The Trail”)


July 4th, 2020,” Chunk Lit
Fever,” Alphanumeric (NonBinary Review)

In translation

Sem mãe por opção,” HuffPost Brasil
Ich will meine Mutter nie wieder sehen – und das hat gute Gründe,”  HuffPost Deutschland

Where to Find Me

Twitter: @naumstrosity
Instagram: @naumstrosity
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-naum/